Eco Puppets

Human beings are complex creatures. We are neither all mind or all heart. The arts touch many parts of the human psyche, and when we use an artistic approach to environmental education, it enables children to respond to issues with their hearts, with their minds and with their hands’.

Nicky Rowbottom, Eco-puppets Handbook

Eco Puppets in the Delta

Was a ground-breaking project funded by The Environmental Know How Fund in the 1990s that linked British and Romanian artists and teachers, The Broads Authority and the Danube Delta Reserve Authority. The aim was to explore and develop ideas of using puppetry to interpret the wetland environment, and educate children and adults.

Eco Puppets Workshops

We can offer:
* A talk on the philosophy and background of Eco Puppets in the Delta, illustrated by slides, film, and puppets.
* A practical workshop backed up by the Eco Puppets Handbook, that will enable participants to pass on skills, including how to :
Write stories or plays based on environmental issues
Find and use reference materials
Create a shadow show
Make puppets using natural and recycled materials
* Practical workshops as above for school children aged 7 – 11


Regional, national and international conferences, arts and environment workshops, seminars, in-service training, schools.
Could also be included in environmental interpretation courses.

Suitable for

All those whose work includes environmental education, plus teachers, artists, and students.

Free copies of the Eco Puppets Handbook will be included.