Psyche! Open the Box!

A film by Nutmeg Puppet Company with music by Jane Wells.

Psyche, the youngest and prettiest of the king’s three daughters, attracts the attention of the naughty god Cupid, and the raging jealousy of his mother Venus. Abandoned by her lover, alone and pregnant, Psyche must carry out 3 dangerous trials, and go down to the Underworld, to prove her love. A retelling of the famous story by 1st Century Roman Apuleius, as a board game with puppets, filmed in the Suffolk countryside.

Puppeteers and voices: Molly Barrett, Steve Peck, Meg Amsden.
Filming and animation by: Meg Amsden and Debra Hyatt.
Assistant: Jessie Glover Gillilan.
Puppets by Meg Amsden.
Sculptures by Fran Beck and Ellie Horry.
Garden and summerhouse palace by Michael Stennett.

Duration 27 mins.
For an adult audience/12 plus.
No puppet nudity. Moderate sex and violence.

Produced by Nutmeg in 2013