Spooky Folk

Spooky FolkĀ  – for adults and brave children.
A collection of short shadow-puppet pieces with filmed atmospheric backgrounds and soundtracks; based on macabre English, Scottish and Irish folk songs about women, and sung by unusual singers:

Nos. 1 – 3 available as a live puppet shows, or on film – for festivals, theatres, and cabaret events.

  • She Moved Through the Fair – sung by Vernon Rose
  • The Unquiet Grave – new tuneĀ  written and sung by Nico Brown
  • Michael and the Raven – sung by Nicolette Vine

Now available – no. 4 – as a film only

  • The Outlandish Knight – to a new tune written and sung by Nico Brown


Film and animation by Meg Amsden and Debra Hyatt.



Currently in production – nos 5 and 6

  • The Gartan Mother’s Lullaby – arr. Amsden/Nutbeem – sung by Meg Amsden, Jenny Nutbeem and Amanda Potter with flute solo by Ted Potter.
  • False, False, Have You Been To Me – arranged by Ali Burns.