Intangible Cities of Margherita Monticiano

A sly confection of shadows and projected images – a series of elusive, decadent, shadowy, reflections of La Serenissima – the seductive, rapacious city of Venice, that carries the seeds of its own downfall – as personified by Margherita Monticiano, an ageing beauty who sees the world from her own voracious viewpoint.
By Meg Amsden, Joy Haynes and Jane Wells.

The show runs for 45 minutes and can be followed by a question and answer session, or followed by Psyche! Open the Box! film to make a full programme. It is best suited to a studio theatre space, and an adult audience.

Produced by Nutmeg in 2011
Directed by Joy Haynes
Soundtrack composed by Jane Wells.
Design, puppets, projected images and film by Meg Amsden
Performed by Meg Amsden and Steve Peck
Photos by Jenny Nutbeem
Technical assistance Tim Hunkin
Sound technician Steve Peck