The Rubbish Monster

What if the crisp packet you’d just thrown away came to life and begged you to take it home? This is just what happens to Katie Dumpster as she paddles her boat down the backwaters of the river, on what is clearly going to be a very strange summer’s day.
The story, told with puppets, live characters, music, songs, a great deal of humour, and audience participation, is an animals’ eye-view of human beings and their wasteful ways.

(Photos by Julie Carpenter)

By Meg Amsden, James Peck and Mark Pitman
Directed by Mark Pitman
Designed and made by Meg with Jayne Ivimey, Molly Barrett, Tim Hunkin, Jane Henderson and Suzy Kemp.
Performed by Meg and James/Steve Peck

Commissioned by the Broads Authority in 2004