New for 2021 – 2 Birds by Zoom

Meg has established a regular relationship with the Red House Aldeburgh (Britten Pears Arts) Mini Music Makers group, performing a show and a workshop in the winter of 2019/2020 and expecting to work there again in the summer, but Covid 19 lock-down brought that to a halt.

In January 2021, she was asked by Joe Carr to produce a short show for them on Zoom, and initially felt fairly negative. But exceptional times can stimulate new ideas, and in one month they came up with and produced a hybrid show that involves songs and music, 3 D puppets, film, and audience participation.



Taking the film of Famous Five Birds (see elsewhere on website), Meg extracted the stories around the Bittern and the Barn Owl, dug out bittern and barn owl puppets and devised a script which allows the children to ask the birds questions about their lives before watching the films, and bouncing around to music in between. Joe produced songs, and made up a song on the spot about birds feeding, with a catchy chorus.


The show can be booked by early years groups.  Get in touch!

A fuller account of the process of making the show, with useful tips for people working with Zoom, will be published in the summer edition of the British UNIMA Puppet Notebook.